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Kitchen Design

kitchen with granites countertops

Here at Lafayette Custom Kitchen Pros, we specialize in bringing you the highest standard of custom kitchens available, delivered straight to your doorstep for convenience and comfort. We bring you kitchens that you’ve designed and creative ideas that we’ve helped you bring to life. Our team of licensed kitchen contractors works diligently to ensure that you receive the best custom kitchen possible and that it’s the kitchen you’ve always dreamt of – guaranteed!


Kitchen Layout

Designing the layout of your kitchen is one of the first steps to truly customize your kitchen in a way that fits your specific needs. Perhaps you want more counter space to prepare food, or you want a bigger stovetop to cook more things at once, or maybe you just want more cabinet space to store your kitchen items. Creating a new kitchen layout that's open and practical will give you the freshness and openness you need while providing the comfort you desire when hanging out in your kitchen.


Color Scheme

Solidifying a color scheme for your kitchen will help bring the rest of the features together and make designing and planning a little easier. If you aren't sure of a color scheme, our team of designers can work with you to find your aesthetic and show you what color schemes are possible with space and kitchen features you currently have. We can also show you how to upgrade your features using your desired color scheme and tie your kitchen together once more. Perhaps you want a bold wall color and neutral countertops and flooring, or maybe you want unique flooring and pristine cabinets and countertops – we can make it happen!



When clients come to us looking to improve their kitchen, what they’re really looking for are ways to modernize it. Outdated paint jobs, cabinets, countertops, and flooring can all contribute to an old and dusty-looking kitchen that can drag the rest of your house down with it. We offer ways to modernize your kitchen like never before, including adding fresh-stained flooring or ceramic tiles, a new and bright backsplash, sleek appliances, refinished cabinets, and new countertops. With just a few tweaks, your kitchen can swiftly become the most stylish room in your home.


Organization and Storage

The design and layout of your kitchen will also heavily rely on how organized your kitchen is and how you plan to store your kitchen items in it. Having your kitchen utensils scattered across the kitchen or falling out of the cabinets can give your kitchen the cluttered effect and make it feel smaller than it actually is, which can often be true of small kitchens or galley kitchens. With higher and deeper cabinets and drawers, we can easily help you make more space in your kitchen to stow away your cooking items. Not only will this give your kitchen more structure and organization, but it’ll give your cooking items a safe and secure place to be stored while not in use. Never again will you open a cabinet and have a pot or pan fall out on you – our organization and storage solutions give you the kitchen cabinets and drawers you need for secure storage!

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