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Kitchen Countertops

kitchen with built in cabinets

Your kitchen countertops are designed to offer you unbeatable comfort and strength when in the kitchen and cooking or preparing food. You’ll likely use your countertops to set down drinks, put raw food on, slice, serve, and eat on as well. For these reasons, you’ll want kitchen countertops that are durable and that you can count on, and are easy to clean. We usually recommend granite, marble, quartz, and concrete as the most durable kitchen countertop surfaces.


Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are some of our most popular because granite offers clients a range of colors and patterns to choose from. Granite is also extremely durable and can offer years of comfort and support for your kitchen. Granite is heat and water-resistant, so you’re okay to spill and place hot pans on granite without fear that they’ll leave behind a burn mark or stain. If you want to brighten your kitchen like never before, then you’ll definitely want to consider granite and its many colors and designs!


Marble Countertops

Marble is a stunning material that can provide long-term beauty to your kitchen. Marble offers a unique, clean aesthetic that fits virtually any kitchen and is incredibly durable. Because of its natural properties, it’s also heat-resistance and makes for a great material to cook on or near. It’s easy to keep clean so your required maintenance will be low, and you won’t have to worry about marble cracking or breaking because of its solidity and strength. If you want an expensive look for your kitchen with an affordable price tag, you’ll definitely want to consider marble for your kitchen countertops, as this material also remains one of our most cost-friendly solutions.


Quartz Countertops

Quartz is one of our most durable materials yet, mostly because of how dense the material is. Quartz offers the best standard of durability when compared to marble or granite because it is not as porous and therefore doesn’t trap as much moisture and dirt, which can lead to eventual cracking or staining if constantly exposed. Quartz is a hard and solid material that also allows you more a more uniform look, if you’re conscious of your countertops looking the same. Granite and marble have more unique designs that can’t guarantee this same standard of uniformity.


Concrete Countertops

Concrete countertops are another popular choice because of how durable and solid concrete is. You can also choose to stain your concrete, altering it from the standard grey color to something more unique and fitting for your kitchen. We offer professional concrete countertop installation and can seal your concrete countertops as well, to prevent from cracking, chipping, or scratching. Since concrete is heat-resistant, it makes for the perfect surface for your kitchen countertops after it has been sealed. It is always recommended to seal your concrete so that it can withstand exposure to moisture and water. Failure to seal your concrete can ultimately lead to premature cracking or damages in your concrete, which will then require repairs or replacements.

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