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Kitchen Appliances

kitchen with built in appliances

Along with providing professional kitchen countertops, kitchen cabinets, and kitchen flooring, we also have experience in providing sturdy, new kitchen appliances that will fit in nicely with the rest of your remodeled kitchen. You will want to choose quality kitchen appliances because not only will they look great, but they are built to provide you long-term and safe use. From your oven to your dishwasher, your kitchen appliances can make or break the value and practicality of your kitchen as well.



When choosing your kitchen appliances, you will definitely want to invest in a quality dishwasher that can thoroughly sanitize all of your dishes. If you are someone that likes to cook often or entertain even more, you will likely have a build-up of dishes that need to be cleaned at and rapid rate. Having a quality dishwasher can easily accomplish this and prevent any leaking or flooding in the meantime. Ideally, you want to pull your dishes from the dishwasher completely sanitized, dry, and free from any debris.



Your oven is also important because it will be one of your main cooking stations aside from your stovetop. Many clients often choose to install double ovens so that they have double the power and double to capabilities to cook numerous things at once. We can assist with the installation of a single or double oven, depending on how much space you have available. When installing your oven, we will need to look at the external hookups to make sure that an oven can safely be placed in your desired location in the kitchen. Once completed, we can then calibrate your oven and its features.


Refrigerator and Freezer

Refrigerators and freezers are also incredibly important because they store your food at an adequate temperature for safe consumption. If you have a faulty or damaged refrigerator and freezer or units that continue to break or leak, this can lead to poor food quality and even food poisoning because your food items have not been stored properly. We assist in providing professional feedback on the best refrigerator and freezer units as well as installation services. We can also remove any existing refrigerators or freezers that you no longer wish to keep in order to make space for your new ones.



Lastly, your stovetop is also a crucial element to your kitchen because it will provide one of your main cooking resources. Depending on the space you have available, you may have four or five hobs that are connected to your main energy source, which is either gas or electric. On top of your gas hobs, you'll have ceramic hob supporters that keep your pots and pans elevated during cooking, while your electric hobs will likely be flat. Next to your hobs will also be a ventilation fan to adequately filter out any unwanted gases or fumes during cooking. Together, we can install your stovetop, regardless if it's electric or gas, as well as your ventilator fan.

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